Thank You School House of Bees Inc

The BCBA would like to thank Dr. Todd Kirchhoff of School House Bees Inc for coming out and putting on a great presentation. Dr. Todd Kirchhoff provided a lot of great information on getting your hives ready for winter, including the very enlightening side of a wet bee is a dead bee. It is often not the cold that kills your bee’s in the winter, but rather the moisture created by large temperature changes during the late fall and early spring. Poor air circulation can cause a build up of moisture. Because the bees have no away of expelling or reducing the moisture, the bees can essentially drown to death. This is just 1 small piece of great information provided by School House Bees Inc. If you want to learn more or find out about there available products and services. Then check them out at

The Seasonal Management of Bees; What To Do And When To Do It

Our next club meeting is September 12, 2017 and will be back at Western Brown High School. This months class is called ‘‘The Seasonal Management of Bees; What To Do And When To Do It”. The program will be put on by a representative from the School House Bees of Visalia, Kentucky. School House Bees provides a wide variety of products and services from their retail store in Visalia. Spille Bee Supplies is now a part of School House Bees.

Then on Saturday September 9th at 11am to 12:30, the Milford-Miami Township branch of the Clermont County Public library system will be hosting an ‘‘Introduction to Beekeeping” program. Space is limited, so registration is required, so be sure to call 513-248-0700 to reserve your spot. You can find the Miami branch at State Route 131, Milford, Ohio